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We got your athletes, right here!

Don't forget to rollover for text trashings.

Let's see...First I'll dump the contents of the porta-potty in here.
Then I'll piss on his tire.
There. That looks just right.
Aaaarrrgh! I'm Paul Levine, and somebody is driving my car.
SlingShot was enlisted to play the part of Poor Latrine,
who never allows anybody into the driver's seat.

After these photo's were taken, Dan and Humberto went for
ice cream, then cruised for chicks in Monroe until finally deciding
to mosey on out and pick up the broken down Poor.

Disclaimer: That is the biggest image of a water bottle we could find to censor the photo of whom we are now calling: Humberto the Huge. If that doesn't quite cover it we apologize.


All photos by: Mary Endico

Many more people were on the ride, but these photos
were chosen based on: Mary got lucky!


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