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We got your athletes, right here!

Don't forget to rollover for text trashings.

ZZZZZZZZZZ..... caught me.
Wait a minute. This must be a misprint. It says 100 miles.
God, see if you can't get that fucking chip off my shoulder.
And you point is?
And your other point is?
Somebody's got to give 'em a break. May as well be me.


All photos by: Dan Buckley
(except the one of Dan, of course)

Top to Bottom:

1) Nuclear Dan Buckley, flying over the pavement (self portrait)
2) Brand New Bruce Pollard
3) Frank DiPasquale (Frankypanky)
4) SlingShot
5) Left to Right: Brand New Bruce, BLASTER, Frankypanky
6) Jim Amels (BLASTER, UV69)
7) Nuclear Dan Buckley giving the %#!$ their lucky break

SlingShot says, "None of you other losers
showed up, or you could have been here too."


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