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Robb Daly has passed on to us some good news and some bad news.

The good news is that a MUCH SAFER way has been found around the new QUICK CHECK filling-station, mega-mart, shopping-complex, and chachka palace that opened 07/14/07 next to the BIG-V parking lot.

All rides will now begin by going around THE BACK of BIG-V and QUICK CHECK, then return the same way.

All the asshole motorists are going to be really upset about this, because they had desperately hoped for an opportunity to squash as many cyclists as their little gas guzzling pimp mobiles could hit.

Too bad for all those car driving, snack eating, chachka shopping, fat-ass motherfuckers. Robb Daly has outsmarted them again.

Now for the bad news. Robb also passed on a joke.

Q: Why can't bicycles stand on their own?

A: Because they are two tired.

As a general rule, SlingShot makes it a policy to steal all the material published on American Road Cycling outright with no mention of its source. However, this joke is of the sort that definitely required attribution.

Remember everybody: 1) around the back for starts and finishes, 2) stay as far away from Robb as your good taste dictates.


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