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New Kain Assault World Record
Joe Straub - 5:40.79 (09/30/09)

Fucker better stop yacking in my ear!
Get it right now, Joe. You won't have a chance on the hill.

Fucker better back that car away from me!
Actually, the flattest spot on the climb.

Fucker better not fuck up my timing!
Well, Ryan was a great champion, but this isn't looking good.

Fucker better not come over here and fuck with me!

Fucker better not... YO! RYAN. KISS MY ASS, BUDDY!
Dude! Dude! Look, you did it.



I wonder what Ryan ever did to Joe?
You do realize I promised to give Ryan the secret to a minute faster?
You'll only need to take 17 seconds off, but you'd better
start getting ready to go again.




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