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01) Newcomer's Century
02) Rachel's Ride
03) Fooled the A's
04) A Modest Proposal
05) Sisyphus Speaks
06) Hidden Agendas
07) Dangerous Attraction
08) Enjoining the Army
09) Puke Now
10) Moving Target
11) Crack
12) Eyes Like Saucers
13) Irish Maniacs
14) Dropped by a Cop
15) The Doctor is In
16) Chuckie's Mission
17) Short Story
18) Sharon of Nine
19) Bicycling Heaven
20) E-mail Fallout
21) Dear Spin Bitch

Updated January 22, 2016 | By Bob Fugett (SlingShot)

Short Story
Article #17    11/10/2002

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Finally...I could see the front group just ahead. I had been chasing them for almost two miles after letting them drop me on Demarest. I'd spent the entire Wednesday ride waiting for my opportunity: drafting smart, being careful not to blow up, saving glycogen and biding my time. Now they were in my sights again, and I had something left for the end. I thought, "Get ready. This is going to be special."

I could see Twin George spinning at the front. Immediately beyond him was the final hill of the day. All I had to do was catch the group, use their draft to slingshot up along the left and take George out. I was sure I could do it, "If I can only get around him before he realizes what is happening."

Twin was about to be toast.

I checked my position, quietly changed my gearing and took off.

A moment later on a slight downhill I caught the pack. My breathing and heart rate peaked as I soared up the side of the pace line and passed almost a dozen riders. I redoubled my effort as I slammed by Twin and flew off the front. Perfect timing. He startled when I whipped by. We were already half way up the hill...exactly where it steepened, "NO WAY he can respond!"

I was going so fast that passing him felt like veering close to a mailbox on a long downhill. A little whoosh, and I saw his Lightspeed pop behind my right shoulder. I heard a light click; and, in the same instant that George's front wheel was dropping out of my periphery, a truck roared up behind. I shot a glance to the left.

No truck...just Twin George, big smile and gone, Randy on his wheel.

"My, wasn't that a short story!"


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